Jim Gv2

Dr James Glockling
BEng, PhD, MIFireE
Technical Director

Jim is the Technical Director of the Fire Protection Association and RISCAuthority Director. Jim began has career in 1985 at the Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell as a sandwich student. AEA then re-employed Jim and sponsored his PhD “Heat and mass transfer in specific aerosol systems”. In 1991 Jim went on to undertake a post-doctorate study at the Fire Research Station “Extinction of fires by fine water sprays in confined spaces”. Between 1992 and 1994 he then worked at South Bank University London as Lecturer in Chemical Engineering & Fire Safety Engineering, and Active Fire Research Group Manager in the Division of Chemical Engineering.

1994-1995 Jim trained and worked as a Forensic Fire Investigator at Dr J.H. Burgoyne and Partners. 1995-1996 Self employed Consultant in fire research Specialising in research project design, experimental facility design, project planning, implementation, and operation. This led in to employment at LPC / BRE from 1996-2002 where Jim progressed from Head of Special Projects Group, LPC Laboratories to Associate Director, Special Projects Group, Centre for Fire & Security Testing. During this time a large number of large scale fire testing and research programmes were undertaken for a variety of clients in the public and private sector.

From 2002 to the present day, Jim has been at the FPA, where he continues to undertake research in to fire protection, with particular emphasis on risk avoidance, reduction and management. Jim has worked extensively with the ABI, major insurers, the MoD and other clients developing the next generation of fire safety management strategy, equipment and policies. These studies have been many and varied in nature from experimental to desk based research tasks, statistical exercises, development of software and other toolkits. They have ranged in size from small studies with limited scope to ongoing, blue skies continuous strategy reviews.


Adair LewisAdair Lewis
Technical Manager