Dr Jim Glocking gives us a preview of RISCAuthority seminars in Manchester and London and describes some of the latest research releases from the working groups to members.

RISCAUTHORITY MEMBERS should by now have received invitations to the annual RISCAuthority Seminars – starting in Manchester on 8 June, then repeated in London on 17 October.

The Manchester seminar will again be held at the Radisson Blu and the location of the London event will be the Royal College of Surgeons at Lincoln’s Inn Field. Conveniently this venue, noted for its beautiful decor and macabre museum of bottled bits of man and beast, will also host the Fire Sector Summit 2016 the following day. RISCAuthority members are reminded that we welcome attendance on an unlimited basis to this free event, and that they may also extend invitations to their key customers – an increasingly prominent proportion of attendance in recent years, with excellent feedback.

The past twelve months have provided many challenges for insurers and we are very pleased to have put together one of our most topical speaker lists ever.

  • The first three speakers at the morning session will address the Dubai skyscraper fires; the 2016 floods; and losses in the heritage sectors.
  • Following a refreshment break, the final three speakers will address the Hatton Garden raid; building for resilience to terrorism; and reviewing RISCAuthority’s research programme. I’m pretty sure some, if not all, of the talks will be extremely meaningful to anyone conducting insurance in the UK at the moment.
  • The event will be capped off with a very good lunch with wine, and opportunities to network and ask further questions of the speakers.

We will be using the seminar as a platform to officially launch some of RISCAuthority’s latest initiatives and updates.

With excellent cooperation from every one of the UK fire and rescue services, we have conducted a complete update and revamp of our FRS Response model. The new model, the most advanced ever created, incorporates some significant improvements on what has been offered to date to assist the insurer understand in full FRS response. While previously the model accurately described times and weights of response under the idealised circumstances of 100% appliance availability at time of asking, and confirmed travel and national road speed limits, the new model provides a mirrored dataset that shows the impact of traffic congestion on response times, and a complex probabilistic model shows the likelihood of delivery at each time/weight combination.

Obviously, insurers will value knowing that the four appliance delivery in 13 minutes can only be achieved with a likelihood of just 23%, whereas the 95%+ likelihood of delivery at the same weight can only occur at a time of 19 minutes plus. While complex to describe in a few lines here, the interactive web tool, accessible via the RISCAuthority website under ‘insurer toolkits’, displays and reports traffic impact beautifully. The probabilistic model outputs via the INFORMER Database. I would encourage everyone to have a play with these tools to appreciate the power of the dataset to insurer decision making and risk control provision. FRS policies for the management of automatically generated fire alarms have also been updated.

The seminars provide a great opportunity to discuss the more strategic issues on the table in respect of UK loss, while the monthly RISCAuthority technical webinars are proving immensely popular, with an assured 300 tuning in each time. Without wishing to put anyone off tuning in live, the webinars are recorded and made available for future viewing, and the slide packs are also now hosted on the website. To receive your invitation to the webinar, you must have a RISCAuthority web account. These are issued automatically free of charge to anyone from a member company via the website, which currently has more than 2,000 memberships. Again, as with the seminars, if you feel the subject matter is important to any of your key customers, there is a facility to enable you to share the webinar invitation with them.

Please assist us with seminar management by booking early via the website and ensuring that you do not miss out on future webinars by having a RISCAuthority website account.

Dr Jim Glockling is technical director of the FPA and director of RISCAuthority

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